Winter time maintenance for your gear


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, January 6, 2018

With the weather treating us poorly for the next few days it is a good time to get some maintenance done on your gear.

There is nothing that makes your reels last longer than a little oil in the right places.

If you own a spinning reel then you first take it off the rod and take the spool off.

In the top of the reel is a small hole where you can add some reel oil.

Just a few drops will do and then I like to take the handle off and add a drop in the center where your bearings are.

It may not have place for the oil but if you drip some on the edge of the bearing it should make it into the reel.

Then you want to wipe down the reel and rod with a clean cloth before putting it all back together.

On a baitcaster you want to take a side plate off to get to the gears then add oil where needed.

Drip a little on the reel handle where it meets the frame to help with the retrieve if you can.

The oil for both kinds of reel should be reel oil available at any decent tackle store but I like to also use white lithium grease in the spray and tube.

This type of grease will move into the gears and frame while not gathering any dust or dirt but it doesn’t last as long as the oil so I work on my gear a few times a year.

Now that you are done with your rods and reels then you need to move to your tackle.

Take one box at a time and remove all your lures inspecting them one at a time looking for rusted hooks and O-rings.

Replace them now while you have the time with quality hooks in the same size that you pulled.

This is critical in order to match the same hook size because the lure itself was designed to work with that exact size hook and changing the size will affect the action of the lure in most cases.

If you have a tackle box for the beach the rust will affect almost everything.

Clean the entire box and remove all the rusty lures, leaders and hooks and even wipe the box out to keep the rust away.

This is just a few details that will help make your gear clean and make it last longer.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing reports for this week are a little slim for sure.

We did have a few boats get out before the weather turned and they did score some tuna. I am sure if we had the chance the fish are there but we have to get out first.

In the sound the striper are there if you can get out and get them.

I tried to get out on Coinjock but the line froze around the eyes of the rods and for some reason that was enough for my fishing partner.

The water is extremely low because of the wind and then you factor in the frozen water in the creeks it is tough to get out all together.

We do have a break in the weather next week so I am sure we can do better then.

I do have some information regarding speckled trout this week.

The state has closed the season as of Friday and it wont open until the middle of June.

This has happened before in really cold winters and is protect them from what they call a cold stun where they slow down and barely move.

If anyone gets out this week then make sure you send me a report and let me know that I am not the only one out there.

Send it to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.