Mastering jig fishing basics


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, December 9, 2017

When the water temps begin to fall and the north winds pick up one of the best lures you can use for largemouth is a jig.

This bait works year around in rivers, ponds and lakes but in cold weather it really shines.

There are just as many jigs as there are bass fishing lures but if you boil it down to some basics you can fish a jig for less than almost any lure.

I fish just a few jigs in a couple of colors but what I do change is the trailers. I like to fish a black and blue jig in a 3/8ths or half an ounce with a blue trailer.

The only other color I have is a brown with a brown trailer and I only throw that once the blue has failed for the day.

The key to fishing jigs is to fish them slow and throw them a lot.

What I mean by that is I make multiple casts to the same structure until I know that I have covered every square inch of the cover.

Most bites on a jig come on the fall or quickly after it hits the bottom so once it has set for a few seconds I pick it up and throw it again.

The only time I drag it back to the boat is when I am fishing a huge piece of structure like a long point or a grass bed then I hop it back to the boat or until I am off the structure.

I know that there are better jig fisherman out there but this technique has worked for me so I stick with it.

The trailers that I use are usually some kind of bug or crawfish imitation with scent built in and if it doesn’t then I add the scent before I cast it.

There are thousands of soft plastics out there that work but the key is that gives the bait more action and smell for the fish to be attracted to it and that it is the correct color.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing report for the offshore guys has been a little slim due to the wind but when they did get out it was a mix bag of blackfin, some yellowfin and a decent wahoo bite.

There were some kings mixed in out of Hatteras and some of them are big ones.

The beach and piers have been having some of the best drum fishing in years with big reds coming over the rails in Avon all week even though they are supposed to be closed right now they just couldn’t when the bite is this good.

They are finally closing this weekend but they had some days with over 20 bull reds on the planks with three in the net at one time.

It has been an amazing bite this past week for redfish with fresh mullet being the bait of choice.

In the sound the stripers are on almost every bridge and the colder weather should turn the bite on even more for this weekend. Stretch baits, Rattle Traps and swim baits are the choice lures and every day seems to be a different color so pack up the tackle bags with lots of your favorite colors.

Here locally we have some stripers along the sound bridge and the canal in Coinjock but the crappie bite seems to be turning on also.

The boys on the Chowan have been steady on the cats with some big fish coming up lately on cut baits. If anyone gets out this week send me a picture and some details to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.