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AD, Meneely prepared for first season at MACU

Hired April 25 to lead the athletic department

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Andy Meneely, the new athletic director at Mid-Atlantic Christian University, takes over for longtime AD Neal Alligood.


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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Andrew Meneely hopes to continue to improve and expand the athletic department at Mid-Atlantic Christian University as he approaches his first season as the Mustangs’ athletic director.

Meneely was hired on April 25 to take over the position held by Neal Alligood for the previous five athletic seasons.

Meneely, who has spent most of his career as a high school and college men’s and women’s basketball coach, including coaching at Taylor University, Pensacola State College, College of Wooster and Lincoln Christian College.

His most recent position was as the women’s basketball coach at Eastern Hancock High School in Charlottesville, Indiana, where he took the Royals to their second sectional championship in history and first in seventeen years.

He will now face the challenge of overseeing all five Mustangs’ teams, including men’s and women’s basketball, men’s soccer, women’s volleyball and men’s golf.

As athletic director, Meneely will be responsible for scouting, recruiting players and coaches, player development and strategy planning.

Meneely spoke with The Daily Advance Friday about overcoming some of the challenges he has faced since starting on May 1, including handling multiple sports and moving 12 hours from home.

“There are a lot of changes for me that I am learning my way through, but it’s been a lot of fun,” Meneely said. He then added, “The people down here really treat each other like family and are really trying to help each other out.”

Alligood helped change the face of Mustangs’ athletics, as the university went from one team when he began in 2011, to the five present day teams when he parted ways with the university earlier this year.

Alligood proved to be a great mentor for Meneely, as he was able to see how he handled the position and his processes, something he said was a great insight for him as he took over the position.

When asked about his plans for his first year, Meneely said he would spend some time sitting back and seeing how things are done, so he can begin to see what needs improved in order to grow the athletic department.

“I want to see what my coaches are trying to do with the teams, what the players expectations are and their desires for the teams and how I can tweak those,” he said.

Aside from sitting back and observing, Meneely has some ideas on how to expand and improve the university’s athletic department.

One of his goals is to have his teams presented as teams of service and to  have his athletes help out in the community, so when people come to their games they are not just another team, but they are friends to their community and fans.

With four teams added over the five years with Alligood as athletic director, Meneely is looking to continue to expand the athletic department at the university during his tenure.

“We are talking about expanding in to different sports, we have not decided which ones or when, but it is something we are taking a hard look at and it will happen at some point,” Meneely said.

Meneely finished by saying although the athletic director position is much different than his previous experiences with coaching, the concept is similar, just at much bigger scale, as he deals with 60-plus athletes across five sports.

“As a coach I was trying to put my team in the concept of the whole athletics department and now I am taking the athletics department and having to do it with the whole school,” he said.