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October 22, 2018

From the Greatest Generation to Baby Boomers, Generation X to Millennials, teenagers in every era have had challenges growing up.


October 20, 2018

The first real cold front is going to come into the area this weekend and to the experienced angler this means the fish will be moving.


October 16, 2018

Some folks might try to convince you that health and fitness are topics that don't much concern bowlers.


October 13, 2018

This is the beginning of my favorite time of year for fishing.


October 09, 2018

The late, great Cubs announcer Harry Carey was known for his simple trademark cry, “Holy Cow!” That’s pretty close to the exact words I uttered last week when I first saw the final scores from Tuesday night’s Fellowship League.

My two sons and I were having a much overdo…


October 06, 2018

Well it’s the beginning of October and that means that striper are finally in season but the weather is still warm and they won’t be in the usual haunts like they are in the middle of the winter.


October 02, 2018

Back in March of this year, a fair population of Seniors from across the Albemarle Area came through Albemarle Lanes to participate in the annual local Senior Games.

There were three categories; singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, with each of these categories awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals to its top three finishers per age divisions.


September 29, 2018

The summer is slowly coming to an end and the water temps are beginning to fall which means to me that it is time to break out all of my top water baits and go fishing for largemouth.


September 25, 2018

During my time in education, I spent what seemed like countless hours, no years, in professional development focusing on, of all things, teamwork.


September 22, 2018

Lucky for us the hurricane decided to stay south but we did see some affects with the rising water in our rivers and creeks.

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