World peace can't be controlled; peace in your heart can be


Clay Perkins


By Clay Perkins

Saturday, January 27, 2018

“Kiss his son … blessed are all who take refuge in him.” — Psalm 2:12 (The Bible, New International Version)

What is this world coming to? Why is war constant and peace evasive? Why is evil never ending and love so hard to find? Why pain? Why war? These questions of old are addressed in the Book of Psalms. The psalms provide worship for people living in a world in serial chaos.

Nations have been in rebellion throughout history. That is why a book on worship and relating to God is pummeled by honest questions — questions that we often are reluctant to even voice. If God is the sovereign Lord of history, why does this rebellion continue? If God is a god of order, why all this chaos? Why do nations seethe in revolt and rage continuously? The answer is clear: they are not in submission to God. Nations and their leaders see submission as bondage, God’s sovereignty as restrictive, and His will as demeaning. The nations want autonomy; they want their freedom. Nations respond to the serpent’s whisper — just as Eve did (see Genesis 3:5) — to be “like God.”

And how does God respond to the rebellion of the nations? He laughs (Psalm 2:4). The news does not dismay him or make him nervous. He is sovereign. His seat is authority. His laugh is a sign of confidence. The presumption of men fighting over power and dirt is absurd. How can the temporal (nations) fight the eternal (Kingdom of God)? How can the created fight the creator? So, as we live life in the midst of nations rebelling with endless wars, let’s remember who is really in charge — God.

Read all of Psalm Chapter 2. There we read that God will intervene in our history. God will send the Messiah. The Sovereign’s plan is to rule and love all nations. We are to pay attention, for the end is near, but the end has not yet arrived. Very few of us are world leaders, so we cannot accept responsibility for the rebellion of the nations; war is not our choice. But we can accept responsibility for our own lives and how we live with the constant war around us.

Find peace by serving Him. Find peace through appropriate fear and respect of His Majesty. Worship Him with all abandonment. Live for God as if it does not matter what the nations do. The world may indeed be “going to the hell in a hand basket,” but you can choose a different path, a path of total surrender of your will and the submission of your heart in adoration of and reverence for the Son of God.

You cannot control world peace, but you can control the peace in your heart. The Father’s peace is always available. The road back to His house is marked clearly. The door is always open. We must simply walk through the door and greet the Son with a kiss (Psalm 2:12).

Stay focused.

Dr. D. Clay Perkins is an adjunct professor at Mid-Atlantic Christian University.