Left pushes open borders, ballots to grow voter base


By Holly Audette

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Supreme Court ruling in the 1990s now referred to as “Flores” resulted in an agreement between the Clinton administration and the plaintiffs establishing rules about dealing with unaccompanied minors detained at the border. This prevented children from being detained like adults who committed the crime of illegally entering the country. The left hailed this as a human rights victory.

In 2014, according to vox.com, “The Obama administration attempted to tamp down the number of Central American families seeking asylum in the U.S. by keeping families in detention and processing and deporting them as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the Ninth Circuit ruled that​ the Flores ​settlement covered not just unaccompanied alien children but ‘accompanied’ ones as well. It set a general standard that the government couldn’t hold them in custody for more than 20 days.”

The Ninth Circuit court ruling did not mandate parents be released under Flores. But the federal government did not respond to Flores by keeping families together for a few weeks and then splitting them apart. Instead it typically released the whole family after 20 days. This is often characterized as, “catch and release.”

Liberals, who previously decried detaining families together as inhumane because children do not deserve to be in incarceration conditions for the wrongs of their parents, now demand the Trump administration keep detained border families together, claiming it is inhumane to separate parents from children!

This catch and release did nothing to secure the borders or ensure adequate vetting. Its effect was to make the laws making it illegal to enter the country without submitting to vetting and a legal process meaningless. But liberals were satisfied with catch and release because it fulfilled their true goal of demanding open borders. No qualifications to enter our country. A right not a privilege to reside in the United States. Open borders without qualifications.

Our state legislature is preparing to put the question of voter ID on the November ballot as a state constitutional amendment. The left opposes this and in so doing is in effect demanding no qualification at the ballot box either. Open borders, open ballot box.

How is proving you are registered to vote any different than having to register to vote to begin with? To register you have to follow a process of identifying who you are and that you are legally qualified to vote. There is a confirmation process that the information that qualifies you is verifiable. If requiring registration to begin with in order to qualify to vote passes legal muster than how does proving you are in fact the person who has registered to vote an act of voter suppression?

The truth is it is not. Just as we want vetting to determine the qualification of a person desiring to enter this country, we want vetting to determine the qualifications of a person looking to influence the governing of our country. So why exactly are liberals so offended at the idea that qualification is relevant in determining immigration and voting?

It is simple. The goal of ending qualifying at the border and at the ballot box is exactly the same. In both cases the goal is to increase the liberal voting base. It is too difficult to win on ideas, to have a healthy debate about how to govern. The left wants to increase its voter base by eliminating qualification for citizenship and the rights of citizenship.

You already see both efforts being made in states like California where sanctuary advocates claim the “right” of anyone to reside here regardless of whether a person broke the law to gain residency. Next came the advocacy that all adults residing in this nation, regardless of whether their residency is gained legally or illegally, are entitled to vote. What’s next? Perhaps lowering the voting age because of some expanded concept of “rights” and entitlement which will increase the liberal voting base?

The left insists on open borders and open ballots to grow their liberal voter base. They use the same methods in all their advocacy: tears and screaming to insist on it. We then march to their “tune” like lemmings. That much closer to losing our culture and our country.

Holly Audette is a small business owner active in political and civic causes.