Krainiak lists, pays overdue taxes on biz, personal property


Camden Commissioner Randy Krainiak is shown in this Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010, file photo.


By Reggie Ponder
Staff Writer

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

CAMDEN — Camden Commissioner Randy Krainiak recently listed and paid overdue taxes on business and personal property following a review by the county tax office.

The property that was the basis of the recent payment was a combination of business equipment and personal property, Camden Tax Administrator Lisa Anderson said.

Krainiak has listed all his business and personal property and paid all the tax he owed, including late-listing and late-payment penalties, on the property — in some instances going back to the 2014 listing period, according to Anderson.

“Mr. Krainiak has come in and listed and done what he needed to do,” she said.

In an interview, Krainiak said the only items he had failed to list were two drills that had been given to him by family members. He said their combined value was probably not more than $400.

“But I said ‘mark it up to $600,’” Krainiak said, explaining he preferred to err on the high side when it came to the property’s valuation in order to avoid any further questions about the listing.

Anderson’s office looked into the question of Krainiak’s business and personal property tax listings after questions were raised by former Camden Commissioner Michael McLain, whom Krainiak defeated in the Republican primary in 2016.

McLain also recently brought the matter to the attention of the Daily Advance through a press release from an organization known as Citizens Against Corruption. The press release raised questions concerning property owned by three businesses: Albemarle Propane, Camden Shell Inc. and Camden Services.

“We are requesting a complete review of the tax records be made and Randy be submitted with a bill of the taxes not paid,” the release states.

According to Anderson, the review by the Camden Tax Office found that all the business property associated with Albemarle Propane and Camden Shell was owned by parties other than Krainiak, such as Quality Oil in the case of Camden Shell.

All of the business property for which Krainiak was required to pay taxes on was associated with his business, Camden Services, Anderson said. In addition, the tax office determined that Krainiak owned some personal property that was required to be listed.

Anderson said she did not believe Krainiak intentionally avoided listing or paying any taxes. She said there was some confusion regarding whether some of the business property was business inventory — which the N.C. Department of Revenue does not require to be listed — or equipment used in the operation of his business which does have to be listed.

Anderson said Krainiak had always made timely payment of the property tax on his home, which is a permanent real property listing and is automatically billed every year.

Anderson said it took a while to sort through the property that Krainiak needed to list because a significant number of items in his possession were owned by other people and being worked on by Krainiak. She said Krainiak has now listed and paid taxes on all the property he owns.

The tax office tries to be diligent in communicating to the public the necessity of listing business and personal property but some people think they only are required to pay property taxes on real property, Anderson said.