Edenton: Drinking water may discolored while tank refilled


Chowan Herald

Thursday, January 17, 2019

EDENTON — Edenton officials are advising customers to expect possible discoloration of their water while the town refills the Park Avenue water tank.

In a press release Wednesday afternoon, town officials said the process of refilling the tank may cause rust-colored water and particles to show up in the water system for up to 36 hours. The town said the possible discoloration is “normal and expected” when maintenance is performed on water towers. The Park Avenue tank was recently cleaned and repainted.

The town’s drinking water is safe to drink, and customers are not being advised to boil water before using it, the press release states. However, residential customers are being encouraged not to operate washing machines or dishwashers until Thursday evening. After then, both residential and commercial customers are encouraged to let kitchen and bathroom faucets to run a few minutes to clear any discolored water.

Commercial washing machines or dishwashers will likely not be affected by the discolored water, the press release states. 

Anyone with questions about their water is urged to call Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton at 482-7352, ext 179 or Public Works Director Corey Gooden.