Judge: Jackson guilty of trespass


Quentin Jackson


By Peter Williams
The Perquimans Weekly

Thursday, September 20, 2018

HERTFORD — Quentin Jackson’s legal troubles continued last week, as a judge found the first-term Hertford town councilman guilty of trespassing on his cousin’s property.

District Court Judge Meader W. Harriss III found Jackson guilty of first-degree trespassing on Sept. 12. Harriss sentenced Jackson to 60 days in jail but suspended the sentence and ordered him to serve 12 months of supervised probation. Harriss found Jackson not guilty, however, of breaking or entering.

Jackson could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

However, Jackson informed court officials he plans to appeal Harriss’ ruling to Superior Court, so the punishments are on hold for now.

Both the breaking and entering and trespassing charges stem from a dispute between Jackson and a cousin, Catherine Flowers, over property Flowers owns on Brace Avenue in Hertford.

The dispute was first heard by a magistrate in June.

Flowers claimed Jackson was trespassing by living in a house she owns on her property. She sought six months of back rent from the councilman — a total of $2,400 — and $200 for damages she claims Jackson made to the property.

For his part, Jackson claimed he and Flowers had an agreement that has him buying the house from her. He claimed that he wasn’t living in her house, but was making improvements to the property.

At the time the magistrate said he could not rule on the dispute because magistrates can only hear cases where there is a clear landlord-tenant relationship.

Flowers did seek criminal charges against him of trespassing and breaking and entering. In August, Jackson was arrested for failing to appear in court on the charges. He was released in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Jackson is already on probation for another crime. In February, Superior Court Judge Jerry Tillett sentenced the councilman to 18 months of supervised probation for violating an earlier term of probation.