Tanglewood Pavilions' phase II OK'd


By Jon Hawley
Staff Writer

Monday, February 19, 2018

Elizabeth City officials have granted approvals to advance phase II of the Tanglewood Pavilions shopping center, but it's unclear when Aldi and other tenants will open shop.

City Council on Monday approved a preliminary plat for Tanglewood Pavilions Phase II, where Aldi is the first and — so far — only business committed to locating there.

City staff also have approved a site plan for the Aldi store, both City Manager Rich Olson and Community Development Director Matthew Schelly said after the meeting. Aldi has proposed constructing a 22,000-square-foot store at the northwest corner of Halstead Boulevard Extended and Mt. Everest Drive.

A spokesman for Aldi wouldn't say last week when Aldi might start construction, but reiterated Aldi looks forward to opening the store and bringing “high-quality, “affordable” groceries to the city.

“We will be in touch with timing and grand opening details once available,” Chris Daniels, Aldi Petersburg Division vice president said in an email.

While not knowing when Aldi will start construction, Olson said the company appears on track to start construction next month. He's also estimated it would take six months to build the store.

Schelly also reported Aldi will still need final plat approval and a building permit before it breaks ground at the Tanglewood Pavilions site. The preliminary and final plat processes provide precise maps of a site's features and help ensure new development follows zoning and other laws.

Olson also said Aldi will need to grant the city an easement for an underground electrical line.

Thus far, no other businesses have emerged yet for the remaining parcels for phase II of the Tanglewood Pavilions project. The property includes three outer lots, one shopping center lot, and a “residual lot” that total about 45 acres.

In a related matter, Olson and Schelly also reported that Lidl, another low-cost, limited selection grocer, has asked for a six-month extension of its site plan approval. Lidl has proposed building a store across the street from the Aldi site on the southeast corner of Halstead Extended and Mt. Everest Drive.

Lidl did not respond last week to a request for comment.