Schools adjust calendars because of snow days


From staff reports

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Area school districts have begun adjusting their calendars to account for days missed this and last week because of snow-covered roads.

The Currituck County Board of Education voted Wednesday night to make Jan. 26 a school day and to convert the Feb. 14 and March 23 early release days to full days of school. Those changes will apply to grades K-8. Currituck County High School and J.P. Knapp Early College High School, meanwhile, have early release every Friday and will simply convert some of those days to full days of school in order to meet the state-mandated hour requirement.

The Camden County Schools also report instructional hours instead of instructional days, just as Currituck does.

In Camden, Feb 9 and March 9, which were originally early release days. will now become full days of school, according to a vote Thursday of the Camden Board of Education. In addition, Feb. 19 and March 30, which were optional teacher workdays, will now become full student days. The end of the quarter has been moved from Jan. 19 to Jan. 25, and Jan. 22 is no longer a mandatory teacher workday.

Now, Jan. 22 is a full student day and Jan. 26 is a mandatory teacher workday. Report cards will be issued on Jan. 30. The end of the third quarter has been moved to March 30, except for Camden Early College. The end of the third quarter for the early college has been moved to March 14 and the schoo’s report cards will be issued on March 21.

“The end of the quarters were extended to allow students the opportunity to recoup missed instructional time prior to testing,” explained Camden Schools Superintendent Joe Ferrell.

In the Edenton-Chowan Schools, the district is still within the required instructional hours for the school year so students will not be required to make up any time.

The Edenton-Chowan Board of Education on Tuesday approved Superintendent Rob Jackson's recommended changes to the school calendar that primarily affect John A. Holmes High School for first semester testing. The Edenton-Chowan Schools district has also added workdays to the calendar to allow teachers and 10-month staff to work the required 215 days to make up when school was closed for students and staff.

Early release days that were previously scheduled for grades 9-12 on Jan. 19, 22, 23 have been moved to Jan. 24, 25 and 26. The 9-12 teacher work day scheduled for Jan. 24 has been moved to Jan. 29.

“These changes were to allow for more time prior to the semester break for preparation and administration of exams and testing at the high school,” Edenton-Chowan Schools spokeswoman Michelle Maddox said. “These changes do not affect grades K-8.”

Maddox continued, ”Optional teacher workdays that have been added to the school calendar grades for preK-12 include: Jan. 9, June 15, 18, 19. These days have been included in the calendar so that teachers can have the opportunity to make up the required instructional days they are required to work by law. Additional changes to the calendar may be necessary in the future should we miss any additional time.”

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools Superintendent Larry Cartner plans to meet with advisory groups next week to discuss options for makeup days. The groups include a representation of various staff from the schools, and decisions will be made following those meetings.