September 20, 2017

Racers have to time their arrival at the starting line just right to get a jump on competitors at the Moth Boat Nationals Regatta at Elizabeth City's Waterfront.

When the gun sounds, sailors have five minutes to reach the dotted line. Cross the line too soon, and a boater has to start over at the…

Setting sail: Racers at Moth Boat Nationals 'tinker' with speed

September 20, 2017

Sailboats cannot sail straight into the wind. That's why three legs of the Moth Boat Nationals Regatta in Elizabeth City can be so challenging.

Boaters begin the race and complete two other legs with the wind in their faces but no air in their sails. To get moving, the light, fast boats need to…

In a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay

September 17, 2017

WARREN, Mich.  — Car designers have every kind of software and virtual reality tool. But when they want to make sure a car's curves look just right, they rely on one of the world's oldest materials: clay.

Every vehicle by every major carmaker, from Mercedes to Tesla to Toyota, is formed…

Brum, brum: Car lovers crank up classics, hot rods, antiques

September 17, 2017

Randy Krainiak is bent over the hood of a 1965 Chevrolet Impala as steam rises in curly wisps.

Ordinarily, the scene would signal car trouble.

But not this time. Krainiak is cooking sausages and corn on the cob where the carburetor and spark plugs would normally be.

He's converted his car into a…