Trump helping save us from pols who pursue own greed


Frank Habit

Saturday, January 19, 2019

I’d like to thank President Donald Trump for committing his time, wealth, abilities and dedication to saving our nation from politicians who only became part of our government to further their own greed and create laws that are an insult to those of us who sent them to govern. Shame on them for violating our trust.

When I scan the ink media (if the caption gets my attention) the next line I read is who wrote it. By doing that it sets the tone for the entire article. I’d ask your readers to please do their homework when it comes to being exposed to the corruption we're being fed.

Beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt, I've followed all of our presidents. It dawned on me to look into how many of them were successful in private life managing their own finances and earning their way on their merits and abilities. My findings were amazing to me and I think you'll find the same. 

The only Democrat I'd vote for now, looking back, is Harry Truman. He was a failure in his business life, but he had character. As for the Republicans, it has come down to Trump first and Ronald Reagan second.

I know there are some honest, worthy people out there who are registered Democrats. I ask them to stand up and say, "Hell no. I ain't gonna take it anymore from those who get air and print time and talk with such vulgarity and anti-Americanism. I am ashamed of you. You are an insult to decency and our Christian way of life."

I say to them, protect us first and foremost — and then we'll support you with our tax dollars.

Frank Habit