Spiritual awakening won't be found on a smartphone screen


Jerry Gill

Friday, January 18, 2019

The letter letter published on Jan. 13 was absolutely right about our need for a "spiritual awakening."

We need such an awakening to counter the present chaotic, demonic insanity ruining America. The writer didn't specify what this will mean in practice, so here are a few of my own ideas.

A spiritual awakening begins and ends, not in our smartphones, but deep within the hearts and minds of each of us.

We choose truth over falsehood and lying, light over darkness, love over hatreds, compassion over indifference, humbleness over braggadocio, and the divine within us over the demonic within us. We pray, we meditate, we read the scriptures of our chosen faith, we embrace silence.

And yes, we glance up from our phones now and then and look into the eyes of our neighbor or even of a stranger, and smile.

Jerry Gill