EC must rally for Coasties, their families during shutdown


Paul Miller

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jan. 15 is here and the stress on Coast Guard members — active duty, retired, civilian, reserves, etc. — must be enormous. Especially those junior members with families who live mostly from payday to payday. The retirees are stressing on their retirement annuity at the end of the month as they have medicine to buy, and bills to pay as well.

As America experiences its longest federal shutdown in history our fate is in the hands of millionaires and billionaires, all of whom could miss years of paydays and not miss the money. In fact, these millionaires and billionaires will continue to get paid because, like many laws such as Obamacare and this ridiculous federal shutdown, these millionaire and billionaire representatives we’ve sent to Washington to look out for us are not part of it and this shutdown doesn’t apply to them.

Sooner or later enough is enough and when it starts impacting families with children and especially babies, wondering where their mortgage payment, car payment and food are going to come from, these millionaires and billionaires just don’t care.

The Senate has let the Coast Guard down. As early as last week they were going to vote on a bill that would pay the Coast Guard through the shutdown. After several senators got their free publicity at the expense of Coast Guard families nothing more has been heard. Shame on them!

Elizabeth City is a Coast Guard town. I’m praying there is a plan with landlords and the like to overlook rent payments, etc., until the government reopens for business. Late fees and penalties should be waived as this shutdown and the lack of paychecks it’s causing are not Coast Guard personnel’s fault.

Let’s pray for our Coast Guard family, of which my family and I have been a member since 1969. Let’s show Washington, D.C., that Elizabeth City is a Coast Guard town and we care!

Paul Miller

Elizabeth City