Liberal syndicate columnist take over opinion page


Dennis J. Brown

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Daily Advance has been my “newspaper of record” for the best part of the 28 years I have lived in the Elizabeth City area. I was rarely able to agree with the editorial position of the paper, but the editorial page was always given over to a variety of political and ideological points of view.

I particularly valued the Saturday columns by our local liberal-Democrat writer because he provided such rich opportunities for exposing and responding to the steady stream of false and destructive moral and social perversions advanced by the Democrats.

Back in those better days, generous space was frequently given over to letters from readers, many of whom displayed keen insights into both local as well as national issues. Now those quite serious writers have been largely replaced by a series of Washington Post type pompous blowhards mouthing political inanities and outright lies invariably directed against the president.

This, of course, is in keeping with the media vendetta against President Trump for the unforgivable sin of defeating their picked candidate and proving them so colossally wrong in their prognostications. And to make matters worse, he refuses to play the politically correct “gotcha” game which they love so dearly.

Finally, thoughtful observers have always understood and made allowances for political cartoons which often touch raw nerves, but the cartoon depicting the president in company with three of histories foulest dictators, clearly suggesting an equality of deed and action with them is so far beyond any possible validity, so thoroughly dishonest and hateful as to render whomever is responsible an unmitigated liar and dissembler. 

I will no longer subscribe to nor, indeed, buy the Daily Advance unless and until an apology is forthcoming from the paper. 

Dennis J. Brown

Elizabeth City