Davis great philanthropist to both girls and boys


Friday, August 10, 2018

A recent bit in the “On Today in History” section of your newspaper about Frank Hollowell, Walter Davis and the Boys Club building is so far off base I cannot imagine how laughable it would have been to Walter.

I had the pleasure of knowing, and respecting both Frank and Walter very well and they certainly had their own niche in life. But Walter did not slight any girls that I knew of. A great number of the 1,300 young people whose higher education he paid for were girls.

I recall once about that time, over a friendly hand of gin in the Elk's Lodge, Walter gave me a check for the Boy Scouts. "But, Walter, how about the girls?" he was asked. Another check was handed over.

At the time the Girl Scouts were meeting in a little building on Elizabeth Street and needed help. To say he slighted the girls is so funny. 

Frank Habit