Illegal border-crossers don't care for kids; why should we?


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Please, don’t let the politicians sell our nation out. We are the Habits, Millers, Craddocks, Bradshaws and others who worked very hard to build this great nation. We welcome those who qualify and swear to abide by and defend our constitution and other laws, do it on a duly applied-for basis as our two grandchildren had to do.

To those who try to do it otherwise, we say: Don't expect us to be bleeding-hearts for the children you show so much disdain for, for the children you were paid to bring in, knowing full well what to expect. If those who smuggle children in don't care for their welfare, who are we to violate our laws and do so? Abide by the law. We do it, even though a number of those in Washington don't.

And to the Mexican government, we say: You are mostly responsible. How else could so many from Latin American cross your southern border, trek the many hundreds of miles to our southern border without food, money, shelter or protection from marauders along the way?

Do you smell George Soros in this? The Democrats have their own agenda, trying to force an open-border policy on us. They are willing to sell out our nation for votes. Period.

I offer this in the memory of Private Edward Royal Habit, who saw his last day in Normandy, France on June 22, 1944. RIP "Pop Charlie," as he was known by his buddies in downtown Edenton.

Please, fly and honor the flag, not as a piece of cloth, but as the symbol of our nation for which we're so proud.

To the ball players who chose to stay in the dressing rooms during the playing of our anthem, I say: Don't stop there. Hit the streets, and as the song goes, "And don't come back, and don't come back...." 

Frank Habit