Korean peace deal proof Trump sent by God


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

For the last 68 years America and its allies have been in a state of war with North Korea that has no real end in sight. And for the last 68 years, presidents have come and gone with very little having been done to reach an amicable settlement or declaration of a cessation of hostilities with North Korea.

From Harry Truman (when the war began) to the Donald Trump administration, there have been 13 presidents, 12 of whom did practically nothing but appease the communist dictators of the hermit kingdom. In fact, the best that can be said of those presidents, both Democratic and Republican, who occupied the Oval Office before the arrival of Trump is that they helped embolden and enrich North Korea.

But Donald Trump is no president like those before him. Those days are over with this president. With or without help from the Congress and the media, North Korea will face the music. Who would have guessed that the man they said was unfit to be president would do such things? It could only be because he's sent by God to deliver America, because no one else would even dare. The president truly needs your prayers.

This morning's edition of The Daily Advance shows the newspaper is still publishing its anti-American, scurrilous and vile cartoon caricatures regarding the president and his ordeal with the Mueller witch hunt even while he's in a foreign country preparing to meet with one of the world's most evil tyrants in an effort to end this 68-year-old nightmare. The Daily Advance never misses a minute to pump out disparaging garbage about the president instead of robustly supporting his efforts on our behalf.

After all, it's our county that Kim Jong Un is threatening with his rockets and bombs. Isn't that something worth standing up for? 

Calvin Lacy