Your land rights have been removed


Doug Lane

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

If you think you have the right to live in peace and quiet and have the sole use of your property you may be mistaken. If you live in western North Carolina you would be correct. However, if you live in the 50 counties east of Deer Dog Hunting Line in eastern North Carolina you do not have your rights. 

Armed, anonymous, angry, arrogant and abusive deer dog hunters can hunt your land using their dogs anytime they want. They very effectively remove your basic human rights along with your property rights when they hunt without your permission. Hunting another’s land without permission is wrong. 

In February of 2013 The Pasquotank Commissioners dropped my request to have a local bill require deer dog hunters have landowner permission. Commissioners Frankie Meads, Joe Winslow, Jeff Dixon and Gary White said they believe in landowner rights but my proposal was not the right remedy. In my opinion, these commissioners may be good businessmen, but they lack the moral courage to choose right from wrong.

My voice is lost in the loud angry noise the deer dog hunters make. If your voice is silent on this issue in the upcoming election I will never have the right to live in peace and quiet on my own property. Do you want a commissioner that does not know right from wrong?

By the way, all still hunters have asked landowner permission for years.

Doug Lane

Elizabeth City