Our view: Move ahead with history

Move ahead with history


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Long after Appomattox, much ink has been spilled regarding the Civil War.

Where does it end? Probably won't.

We should continue to debate the causes and effects of the Civil War in a civil tongue.

Past is prologue and the forces that shaped the conflict influence who we are today. Our nation does not endorse slavery and fought a bloody war to end that institution. There's no denying that the nature and reach of the federal government was changed by the war too.

Consider though that moving Edenton's statue or any other Confederate war memorial is not going to end a conversation that we need to have about race, liberty and culture.

Both sides regarding Confederate statues have made good points.

Rather than retread those arguments, let's move on.

Perhaps read Susan Brothers' “Voices of Faith” column on the Church page – words about forgiveness that when applied to any sin should echo a bit louder for all of us in today's politically charged climate.

Ginette Mitchener is wise not to forget the past, but knows the importance of moving forward.

That was the point made by Mitchener after a recent Racial Reconciliation meeting. Prior to moving to Edenton, Mitchener lived in a war torn Vietnam. History and families were forever changed as a new regime made its horrific imprint across the Asian landscape. China endured a painful Cultural Revolution before it's people decided it was time to embrace the future rather than bow to those misguided forces seeking to use the past for political gain.

While recognizing the sober realities and lessons of history, we need to accept who we are, where we've been so we best decide what's ahead.