Crafter fashions wreaths for every season

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By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Jennifer Strathearn designs decor for your door for every season.

Strathearn creates wreaths for all holidays and a variety of themes throughout the year with her Sunshine Door Decor business. Her Christmas wreaths feature poinsettias, Candy canes, ornaments and even the jolly man in red, Santa Claus.

One of her most popular Christmas wreaths contains burgundy and cream hues with cranberry decorations.

Strathearn said she can add embellishments to create a range of styles from rustic to whimsical.

“I get quite a few custom orders,” said Strathearn.

Strathearn said her favorite wreath this year had an elf theme and contained a written message.

“It said knock if you have presents,” said Strathearn. “It was adorable.”

Strathearn began making wreaths in 2014.

“I wanted a wreath for my front door,” said Strathearn.

After making a wreath for her own home, Strathearn said she fell in love with the process.

Strathearn viewed videos on YouTube to learn more about her craft and its variations.

“Most of the time they are made out of deco mesh,” said Strathearn.

Strathearn begins the process with a wire form. She attaches mesh and ribbons. She then adds decorations and embellishments to the piece.

“I like the fact that people like what I have made,” said Strathearn.

“I get so many compliments at shows,” said Strathearn.

“I think people really enjoy decorating for Christmas,” said Strathearn.

Originally from Chesapeake, Va., Strathearn moved to Elizabeth City nine years ago.

Strathearn enjoys spending time with her husband, Josh, and their children, Mason, Kayleigh and Riley.

“Boy Scouts, soccer and gymnastics-that’s my life,” said Strathearn.

One of the best aspects of displaying her work at craft shows for Strathearn is being able to share the experience with her family.

“My mother and daughter come to every show I have,” said Strathearn. “It is a good bonding experience.”

“It is really nice to feel support from my family,” said Strathearn.

Strathearn said she also enjoys meeting the other crafters and people at the events like the Potato Festival in Elizabeth City and the Holly Days Festival of Gifts in Camden. Strathearn displays her work at craft shows and events in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Strathearn posts her wreath designs on her Facebook page. People interested in finding out more information about her decor may message her on Facebook.